Dental crowns and bridges are two of the most common treatments for replacing and restoring missing or damaged teeth. During your initial consultation at our office, our dentist will carefully examine your mouth to determine if these treatments are good options for you.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, or caps, are a treatment designed to restore the strength, functionality and appearance of teeth that have been broken or damaged by decay, disease or injury. Crowns are custom-made to fit your smile and are bonded over your original tooth to cover it and prevent further damage. If you are replacing a missing tooth, your crown may be placed atop a dental implant. Your dental crown is intended to be a long-lasting solution for your oral health and smile.

Dental Fillings

Our same-day porcelain dental fillings are designed to repair and restore your teeth after they have sustained damage. These fillings are carefully chosen to blend in with your teeth to produce a natural and long-lasting solution for your smile. Fillings work by literally "filling in" the holes and cracks in your teeth to restore the appearance, shape,contours and strength o fthe tooth. Fillings can usually be placed in a single appointment. Our dentist will simply prepare and clean your tooth, and then place and harden the filling to give you a lasting restoration.

If you have any questions about dental crowns and fillings or wish to schedule an appointment with our dentist, please call our office today at 623-362-9616.